Filip Roca (b 1988) is an independent visual and new media artist based in Barcelona, originally from Montenegro. During the last seven years, he has been working in the field of animation, motion graphics and art direction.
After completing his studies in graphic design and new media at the Metropolitan University of Belgrade, he started to work in animation and post-production studio Fried Pictures where he was involved in art direction and motion graphics.
In 2014 he began to work on his personal projects focusing on architectural video projections, object mapping and live generative visuals. During this period he created various scale projects for a broad range of clients such as Mini, Ford, MTV, FIMG, Hyperdub or Exit Festival.
In 2015 his piece “Nihil Unus” was awarded the first prize in the professional category of the International Mapping Festival in Girona. On the following year, another of his projects “Dislexia” was selected as a finalist for the largest video mapping competition in the world, iMapp 2016 Festival in Bucharest.

During these years, he collaborated and worked with studios like The Macula and Tigrelab. Also in late 2016, he started an audio-visual project called NOTU_URONLINEU with the London-based producer Leon Smart aka Scratcha DVA / DVA Hi Emotions.