Sharjah Light festival 2019


Police Academy, University City Sharjah, UAE


Art direction: Filip Roca & Tigrelab
3D Artist: Filip Roca, Dan Garotte
3D Model: Andrea Stinga
Original soundtrack: Leonardo Aldrey, Audiobend
Assistant Sound Designer: Max Benkel
Organized by SCTDA
Produced by Nomada


Mother is an audiovisual projection that revolves around patterns that are found in the natural world. The impact of nature’s aesthetics is surprisingly powerful, a hint at higher universal laws that we can only awe in wonder. The inspiration for this piece comes from the observation of the astonishing force behind the growing structures that inhabit our planet.

From seashells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of order and chaos are all around us. The mathematical beauty of these patterns is that infinite complexity is formed with relatively simple equations, creating beautiful patterns that are unique.

This twelve-minute long video studies pattern formation using procedural generative systems, particle, and dynamic simulations to recreate various scenes in nature, from forming deserts, macro liquid crystals to ocean waves and coral reefs.