San Sebastian 2016

European Capital Of Culture 2016 Opening Ceremony


Maria Cristina Bridge, San Sebastian, Spain


Director of Ceremony: Hansel Cereza
Producer of Ceremony: Susana Jove

Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics: Tigrelab
Technical counseling: Tigrelab
Visuals: Tigrelab
Lighting Technician: Lluís Martí
AV Technicians: Eikonos
Leds Mapping: Proto-Pixel
Audio Multimedia Show: Summer 76


Opening ceremony of San Sebastian Capital of Culture 2016, directed by Hansel Cereza, took place at the Maria Cristina bridge in January 2016. For this ocation, Tigerlab invited me to join them and work on visual contet for the ceremony. Ninety meters long bridge was covered with 164 LED stripes, each 4 meter long. The LEDs were synchronized with the visuals being rear projected on 9 screens above them. The video cover 672m2 of surface. Both sides of the river were mirrored.