Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway


Visuals: Filip Roca

Audio: Zarko Komar

Curator / CEO: Anastasia Isachen

Producer / CEO: Frank Isachen

Technical director:Martin Mathisen


The inspiration for the work comes from the privilege given by the viewer and the experience evokes by being together in public spaces. Although the form is highly technical, it never leaves out the poetic. It’s an audio-visual experience best partaken in groups, verging on the idea that empathy in communal and personal is the way to go towards a broader change.

Stardust illustrates the formation of basic elements which constitute ourselves and our surroundings by using generative fluid and particle systems. When you look at the stars through a telescope what you’re seeing probably happened millions of years ago, yet it’s so close.



About Fjord Oslo

Fjord Oslo is a free art festival that transforms Harbour Promenade in central Oslo into a large-scale outdoor exhibition of light.

By taking art onto the streets for three nights, Fjord Oslo invites to a social, powerful and inclusive experience of art and light.

Bringing together and commissioning an international program of renowned artists, this annual celebration is a broad exploration of light art.

From projections onto landmark buildings to intimate installations, site-specific light sculptures and immersive video work, the program of the third edition is dedicated to art that invites conversation about how our individual perspectives form our common future.