Radiant @ Intervals Festival 2023

INTERVALS is an annual festival in Nizhny Novgorod dedicated to media art. It includes a city media exhibition and an educational and musical program. INTERVALS became the largest and most significant event in its genre for six years. At INTERVALS 2023, the works of well-known media artists from Russia, Australia, Spain, China, Japan, and Indonesia…


LiquidLight @ WLF Brixen 2023

Local and international artists – such as Stefano Cagol, Filip Roca, or Siegrun Appelt – transform fountains and cultural-historical treasures into an open-air gallery with creative ideas. Reflections on the ecological, economic, and social aspects of water and light are the basis of the artistic works. Under the motto “Water is life – light is art”,…


The Blue Hour @ Kalba Tower 2023

Returning for its 12th year, the Sharjah Light Festival invites internationally renowned artists to celebrate science, creativity, and heritage by displaying lights, colors, and music at beloved landmarks. Sink into a contemplative experience through a unique audiovisual narrative that celebrates a specific point in time – the blue hour. This natural phenomenon’s simplicity and sheer…


Time @ Fete des Lumieres Lyon

Every year around December 8, Lyon hosts for 4 magical nights the flagship of light artists, a springboard for young talents, and a meeting place for internationally renowned designers. Millions of visitors are expected to walk the streets of Lyon, the scene of the first light event in the world.