Zsolnay Light Festival 2021

The first and only festival of light in the country, the Zsolnay Light Festival, will shine the city again in the autumn with dazzling light creations, From September 30 till October 3, the buildings will be clad in light; the streets will be carpeted with light, while the monumental façade of the Cathedral will be…


State @ Tumby Bay 13-21 August

Big Picture Series x Colour Tumby This winter, Illuminate Adelaide and the Government of South Australia, through the South Australian Tourism Commission, are partnering with innovative regional councils and award-winning artists to shine a light on South Australia. We continue our winter regional program with Big Picture Series x Colour Tumby in Tumby Bay from…


State @ Illuminate Adelaide 21

“State” is a 7-minute long audio-visual piece that revolves and studies the physical world’s structure and aggregate state of the matter. The main inspiration for this work comes from these physics rules. It exposes the matter’s relativity visually, and all its phases and transition forms in-between.


Light Art Manifesto way we interfere with our world is very much defined by the way we experience it. We are what we see, hear, feel and understand through all our senses, therefore: WE ARE WHAT WE PERCEIVE!