Filip Roca (b 1988) is an independent visual and new media artist based in Barcelona. During the last twelve years, he has been working in the field of animation, motion graphics and art direction.

After completing his studies in graphic design and new media at the Metropolitan University of Belgrade, he started to work in animation and post-production studio Fried Pictures.

In 2014 he began to work on his personal projects focusing on architectural video projections, object mapping and live generative visuals.

Since then his work has been presented worldwide, he created artworks for festivals and institutions like: Signal Festival, Fete des Lumieres Lyon, Illuminate Adelaide, Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid, Wonderspaces, Fjord Oslo, Genius Loci Weimar, iMapp, Krug Sveta Moscow, Night Lights, Noor Riyadh, Sharjah Light Festival…

During these years, he collaborated and worked with studios and artists like The Macula, Hyperbinary, Bordos Artworks, Zarko Komar – Feloneezy, Relja Cupic – Regis and Tigrelab.

Selected Projects


874 – Video Mapping Festival, Lille, France
Stardust – Sous Dome – Cite des Sciences, Paris, France


A place for us to dream – Museo de la Artes, Gulaldajara, Mexico
Pulse – Silbersalz Science and Media Festival, Halle, Germany
Radiant – Intervals Festival, Nyzni Novgorod, Russia
Liquid Light – Water Light Festival, Brixen, Italy
The Blue Hour – Sharjah Light Festival, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Time – Fete des Lumieres, Lyon, France
Stardust – Fjord Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Quartzscapes – Noor Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Splitting – Video Mapping Festival, Amiens, France
34 x 22 – Illuminate Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia
Dimensional Analogy – Illuminate Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia
Volumen – The Center for Contemporary Art, Podgorica, Montenegro
Hyperflow – The Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain


State – Iluminate Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia
State – Iluminate Adelaide, Thumby Bay, South Australia
The Sun – Zslonay Light Festival, Pecs, Hungary
Volumen – WonderspacesAZ, Scottsdale, AZ United States



Bloom – Macao Light Festival, Macao, China
Forcing 2 – Krug Sveta, Moscow, Russia
Mother – Sharjah Light Festival, Sjarjah, United Arab Emirates
Volumen – Genius Loci Weimar, Germany


Volumen – Wonderspaces, San Diego, CA United States
Forcing – Light Nights, Debrecen, Hungary
Manifold –  The Festival of the Firsts, Pittsburgh, PA United States
Monoliths – Sharjah Light Festival, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
The Last Blossom – Huis-Ten-Bosch, Japan


Multiverse – Signal Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
Palladium – Prague, Czech Republic
Stardancer – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Notu Uronlineu – Live Av w Scratcha Dva, Milan, Italy


Dislexia- iMapp, Bucharest, Romania
Notu Uronlineu – Live Av w Scratcha Dva, London, UK
Atogo – Sharjah Light Festival, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Nihil Unus- International Mapping Festival, Girona, Spain
Regis x Roca – Bcn VisualSound Fest, Barcelona, Spain