Cathedral Saint Jean, Lyon, France


Visual: Filip Roca

Audio: Zarko Komar

Producer: Arnaud Doucet AnimaLux

Technical director: David Marze

Projectionist: Lucas Lopez

Sound engineer: Pierre Liechti

Tech Support: VLS & Novelty

Special thanks to Oliver Danna, Richard Di Meglio, Arnaud Douchet


Time is an audio-visual projection mapping work that took place at Fete des Lumieres in Lyon. The piece focuses on a parallel concept of time, one which we cannot feel unless we stop and think or not even then – until we bring in the imagination. Annihilating the spatial restrictions, it engulfs the subject in a sensory experience propelled by anticipation. A myriad of illuminated particles is covered with electro-acoustic cues and signals – aural reminders and temporal nods to the rhythm of life. Reemerging fragments come to fluctuating terrains and indeterminate structures, trying to find an ever-morphing sense of time by governing an ecosystem of its own.




About Fete des Lumieres

Ever since Lyon was founded, light has held a special place in the city and each year on 8 December, this special connection radiates throughout the city. The Festival of Lights is an international event renowned for its temporary light installations during which the city is metamorphosed for four magical evenings, reconnecting with a popular tradition dating back to 1852. That year, against a backdrop of social unrest, recurring floods and radical urban change, the decision was taken to erect a statue of the Virgin Mary on Fourvière Hill.

In the 1960s, shop-window illumination competitions, especially among food shops, continued this tradition in a new form. They marked the start of the Christmas season and illuminated the religious celebrations of 8 December. Then in 1989, thanks to an avant-garde public lighting policy, Lyon adopted its first Plan Lumière and added a new chapter to its history. This plan to enhance the city by illuminating heritage sites revealed the excellence of Lyon in this area; it was the first European city to launch such a project.

The lighting gradually began to take on more meaning – light embellished the squares, streets, bridges, riverbanks and rivers themselves. Lyon emerged from the shadows to become the city we know today, namely a city renowned for the beauty of its heritage, which becomes truly special when night falls.