Dimensional Analogy


Festival Center, Adelaide, South Australia


Visuals: Filip Roca

Audio: Zarko Komar

Illuminate Adelaide

Rachael Azzopardi Co-Founder and Creative Director
Lee Cumberlidge Co-Founder and Creative Director
Sam Wright Executive Producer
Peter Kelly Head of Production and Technical
Natalie Falcinella Operations Manager
Maggie Oster Production Coordinator
Spencer Scholz Marketing and Communications Manager

Footage supplied courtesy of Illuminate Adelaide 2022
Recorded by Click Films and South Australian Drone Services

Rene Schroeder Pilot – SA UAV – South Australian Drone Services
Chloe Keen Pilot – SA UAV – South Australian Drone Services
Joel Polkinghorne Camera Operator – Click Films


“Dimensional analogy” is a site-specific 270-degree projection mapping piece inspired by the mathematical concept of a four-dimensional space. Unlike the familiar three-dimensional world, whose functionality depends on the recognition of x, y, and z coordinates, the intelligibility of such a conception requires a fourth parameter – an additional spatial dimension. With the disinterested playfulness inherent in mathematics, the concept challenges the three-dimensional bias of the mind. Owing to the unorthodox nature of their form, the Festival Center shells represent an ideal basis for speculative and bold visual research; by transforming into entirely new spaces filled with polytopic shapes that use architectural geometry, their unique surfaces become a canvas on which an additional dimension appears.

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