Marktkirche, Halle, Germany


Visual: Filip Roca

Audio: Zarko Komar

Producer: Arnaud Doucet AnimaLux

Curator: Irem Couchouron

Technical director: Alex Banze

Video documentation: Esmero.de


Pulse is an audio-visual projection mapping artwork that explores time and perception. Time is not a linear concept but a rhythmic, pulsating force that weaves through the fabric of existence. Paradoxically, it guides life forward into the unknown future and backward into decay. Its uniqueness lies in the idea that the only tangible reality is the present moment.This creation, on display at Silbersalz 2023, delves into the zeitgeist. It presents time as an ever-evolving force, continually generating diverse forms as it unfolds. Set against the backdrop of Marienkirche, artwork emphasizes the shift in our perception of reality. Sound plays a pivotal role in Roca’s art, and his collaboration with Zarko Komar has yielded a distinctive approach to sound.


About Silbersalz

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