Zsolnay Light Festival 2021

The first and only festival of light in the country, the Zsolnay Light Festival, will shine the city again in the autumn with dazzling light creations. From September 30 till October 3, the buildings will be clad in the light; the streets will be carpeted with light, while the monumental façade of the Cathedral will be brought to life by the best 3D, animated light projections of the international competition.

The highlight and most popular event of the festival, the Zsolnay Light Art International Mapping Competition, will feature animated 3D light creations bringing the façade of the Cathedral to life. The best ten productions made into the final include Japanese, French, Spanish, Ecuadorian, and Hungarian competitors.

Zsolnay Light Festival of Pécs is unique by all means, as there is no other event in Hungary offering such diverse spectacles, including mappings on buildings, light sculptures, and interactive light games.

Find out more: https://www.zsolnayfenyfesztival.hu/en/the-festival