iMapp 2016



Palace of the Pairlament, Bucharest, Romania


Director / 3d Artist: Filip Roca
3d Artist: Dusan Knezevic
Sound design: Relja Cupic
Film maker: Andrija Kovac

iMapp Bucharest is an event organized by the Municipality of Bucharest through creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition; 360Revolution as the Event Production Company and Maxin10sity as the Curator. iMapp Bucharest stands for video projections on the second largest administrative building in the world, more than 104 projectors used, 23.000 square meters of projection surface, over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens and one huge stage. Each year, in September, the best video artists in the world showcase their work on the façade of the Palace of Parliament, in front of a large audience.


Dislexia is a geometrical abstract piece that revolves around the inability to communicate. Dyslexia, as a communication disorder, is thought to have two types of cause, one related to language processing and another to visual processing.
This piece is covering the antagonism between two sides in a conversation that have no common ground, between opposite sides that fail to truly communicate. As in the real world, the gap between emissary and receptor is frequently disrupted and fails a true dialogue – or peace.
There is no good or bad, just the incapacity of understanding the other’s difference. Will this dialogue meet its purpose?
Dislexia wants to represent this scenario abstractly, through two different visual groups that are opposite to each other by shape, volume, colour, behaviour, sound and physical state. In this chaotic dialogue, first group is presented in blue and white, within its calm, bright and pleasant nature (followed by organic bright and tender sound) while the other group is aggressive, dark, noisy and uncomfortable, presented in red and black ( followed by noisy, distorted synthetic sounds).