FIMG 2015

Nihil Unus - International Mapping Festival Girona 2015


Casa Pastors, Girona, Spain


Director: Filip Roca
3D Artist: Filip Roca, Dusan Knežević
Sound Design: Relja Ćupić

As part of Festival Internacional Mapping Girona 2015, the 3d mapping show “Nihil Unus” on the facade of Casa Pators, was awarded with 1st prize in professional category.

Nihil Unus is piece that explore, study, and represents the contradictions and differences in the natural landscape of Catalonia area, and oppose it to the visual aspects of the human mark in it.
Differences between human and nature growth, contradictions in forms, structures, shapes. Following that premise, by presenting each one’s formalization in graphic shapes, we’ll find two opposite worlds and that have been growing together side by side. The goal is to visually represent how they interact, and how the building mapped can express through the projection the contradiction of it’s own structure and the natural elements that surround.