Monoliths [Digitalization Part]


Al Qasimi Center for Gulf Studies, UAE




Mathieu Felix, Federico Gonzalez, Javier Pinto


Dan Garotte, Filip Roca, Felipe Kenji,

Felipe Mejia, Antonio Nieto, Hernan Scassa, Maud Zaba

Original music by Thomas Vaquie

Edit music by Hetem


Monoliths is a reflection in regard to the massive digitization of our environment and the benchmark lost that it creates. As a consequence of the new technologies and through our multiple avatars, we could be in a lot of places at the same time but rarely fully in one. I was invited by the Tigrelab studio to create a 5 minute long part that represents the actual digitization. The work was presented as opening ceremony for the Sharjah Light festival 2018. The multimedia show consist of: 17 x 20k projector, 4 led towers and 12 sky-tracers