Nights of Lights 2018



Reformed Great Church, Debrecen, Hungary


Visuals: Filip Roca
Sound: Hetem
Organized by: Főnix Public Benefit Event Organizer Ltd.
Festival organizer: Edit Bódor
Curated by: László Zsolt Bordos
Technical director: Ferenc Sárkány
Server: Zsolt Libor
Projectionist: Viktor Drimmer
Technical Coordination: László Bodnár
3D modeling based on laser scan data: Dániel Szalkó
On-Site audio remastering P.A. : Lukas Taido


Forcing is three-minute long audiovisual projection mapping piece that took part of Festival “Nights of Lights” in Debrecen. The fifteen-minute show consists of five different works by five artists: András Nagy, Cyril, Meroni, Filip Roca, Gaspar Battha and Laszlo Zsolt Bordos who curated and organized the event. Special thanks to the leadership of Debrecen City, András Schmid & Christie Digital for the technical support.