International Festival of Firsts 2018



The Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Oragnized by: The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Guest Curator: Karla Boos
Original music: Wang Lu
Projection mapping: Filip Roca
Performed by: 30+ Pittsburgh musicians
Conducted by Daniel Nesta Curtis
Technical support: Rob Long, Peter Milo, Sean Starr (Clear Story)
3D modeling based on a 3d scan data: Arsen Tatalovic
3D modeling, 3D Artist: Dusan Knezevic


Millions of guests have enjoyed thousands of performances at the Benedum Center since its opening as the Stanley Theatre in 1928, but this is a first.

For two days only and four total outdoor performances (Sep 21-22 2018), the exterior façade of the Benedum Center becomes the canvas for Filip Roca’s projection mapping performance, Manifold. In the foreground, near the intersection of Penn Avenue and 7th Street, acclaimed Chinese composer Wang Lu’s original score, written specifically for Manifold, has been brought to life by an ensemble comprised of outstanding Pittsburgh musicians from many worlds.

Various symphonic and new-music players are joined by masters from our jazz heritage, other traditional forms, and young players crossing musical barriers. Expect to hear echoes of hip-hop, ragtime-influenced banjo, flamenco guitar, and brass band from a non-traditional orchestra as diverse as Pittsburgh itself, under the baton of Daniel Nesta Curtis. “Manifold” is abstract audio-visual narrative wrapped around the Benedum Center along Penn Avenue and 7th Street, generating space distortions and optical illusions, bending and lighting the many intricate parts of the façade.